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Please note, we have new positions becoming available all of the time. Many of them do not make it to this page as they are filled quickly by our already registered candidates.  Please contact us directly to enquire about all of our positions Please always include your updated, detailed CV with a photograph and any written references that you have.  


ID: NB10


We are searching for a super Head nanny for a very high profile Suisse family based in Geneva.

There are already 2 other Nannies in this family. The working rota will be 1 week on and 1 week off 24/7.

Travel to Germany and London will be regular. The new Nanny will manage the other two Nannies and

all of the childrens affairs. the children are 4, 6, 8, 10

LOCATION Switzerland
START DATE Feburary 2020
POSITION TITLE Head Nanny to 4 children


Private High profile family
SALARY £1600 p/w (for weeks worked) plus private b&b in mansion home. 
REQUIREMENTS Norland qualification or equivalent.

ID: NB11


A second temp Nanny is required to support the permanent Nanny of the family whilst on holidays.

The children are 6 & 8

LOCATION Switzerland
START DATE 20/12/19
SALARY GBP £1200 + hotel accommodation & meals




American, Canadian, British, NZ or Australian passport holder preferred.

Highly experienced in a similar position with childcare qualifications preferred

We have been working for this family for 8 years.

ID: NB12


A qualified French Governess is required to teach the French language to the only daughter

of this family. She has 3 older brothers each with their own entourage of staff. This posiiton is

6 day 10 hrs and requires a lot of international travel to Europe.   

START DATE Janurary 2020
POSITION TITLE French Governess
EMPLOYER Private VIP family
SALARY GBP £1200 p/w + apartment, driver & meals. 



Glowing references and at least 5+ years of experience working in a similar position

is required. We prefer a teaching qualification of some kind for this posiiton.  

A dynamic teacher is required to support the educational needs of 3 boys alongside their school curriculum.

The boys are 5, 7 & 9. This is a fully staffed VIP residence and the boys each have a Governess and domestic

Nanny who the new teacher will be working with. 



POSITION TITLE Primary School Teacher
EMPLOYER Private VIP family
SALARY GBP £60'000 p/a + apartment, driver, meals, Hyatt Spa membership



Must be highly experienced in a similar positon with a VIP family. Must also have at least

7+ years experienced working within a Primary School environment. A team player who

gets on with other is very important.