Maternity Nurses & Baby Nannies



A Maternity Nurse will work with a family for a short period of time between 2 weeks - 6 months. They work only with newborn babies and specializes in providing support, professional knowledge, guidance and reassurance to expecting mothers on the arrival of their newborn baby. Having a Maternity Nurse can be an incredibly comforting experience especially if you are a first time mother. It is of course so important that you know that you and your baby are in the safe in the hands of someone that you can really trust.


A newborn nanny is someone who has at least 3 yrs experience working professionally with newborns but does not limit her work to only newborns, she can also work with toddlers and older children. A Newborn nanny will often start a position with a family when a baby is first born and stay with the family for a longer period of time or even permanently, enabling her to work with the children as they progress through the ages and stages.  

We feel that it is important for us to work alongside mothers in order to understand and support the vision that they have for their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and raising a baby. We endeavour to provide caring, warm and understanding professional maternity nurses and newborn nannies to accompany parents on this journey. Our candidates are very experienced, qualified and have successfully passed our recruitment screening process to ascertain their suitability to work with our families.

A maternity nurse would generally live in with the family throughout the duration of her employment and would be required to provide 24 hour on-call service after the birth of a baby. She can work six days per week, depending on the arrangement with the family and some maternity nurses may also provide daytime care of the baby or mother help support.  Although the maternity nurse will be with the baby throughout the night time, the family should also provide a seperate bedroom for the MN to rest away from the baby. 

A newborn nanny or maternity nurse may have a background in general nursing, midwifery or in the health care industry however this is not an essential requirement as a good maternity nurse should have an extensive background in caring for newborn babies along with relevant qualifications such as MNT


All of our maternity nurses are required to speak fluent English, however many are bilingual and even multilingual which can be a great bonus for a family. Experience working within fully staffed households, on large estates, yachts and private planes, often comes with the territory.  Our maternity nurses can help prepare you for travelling with a newborn.


Maternity Nurses are generally self employed and will charge you a gross 24-hour rate and pay their own taxes and insurance. A family employer is responsible for all travel related expenses including visas for countries that the candidate is required to travel to. A newborn nanny on the other hand will usually be hired on a permanent basis or up to a year. In this case the family are required to employ the nanny and adhere to the employment obligations and laws of the country in which they are resident. 


All of our maternity nurses and newborn nannies are experienced with qualifications such as a Childcare Diploma, Early Years teaching degree, MNT or NEST certificates. They may have other nanny, nursing or midwifery qualifications or alternatively many years of experience. All candidates will have an up to date paediatric first aid certificate and an enhanced DBS disclosure or work with childrens check.



 Duties of a Maternity Nurse and Newborn Nanny.

  • Feeding the baby, especially bottle feeds during the night, as well as bathing, dressing, washing and cleaning the baby's clothes.
  • Provide valuable advice, knowledge and support for first time parents.
  • Help to establish a routine for your new baby including sleep routines, breast feeding and bottle feeding. A Maternity nurse or newborn nanny will take care of night feeds at this important stage she will take care of baby clothes and equipment and the sterilization of bottles.
  • Some Maternity Nurses may offer further services such as cooking for the family and taking care of other children within the household while the baby is with the mother however this is not an expectation and would only be by special arrangement.
  • Maternity nurses are not housekeepers or personal assistants and should not be treated as such.