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All of our Governesses have a passion for educational development and some previous teaching experience and or qualifications.   A governess is required to provide personal tutoring within the family home. She would generally be in charge of school aged children and her focus would be to concentrate on building and delivering a schooling programme to be taught to the children in their home. A governess can also work alongside the curriculum of the school that the children are attending to provide extra educational support and private tutoring sessions every day, over the weekends and in the school holidays whilst the family are travelling.   

We supply talented bilingual Governesses to many discerning families around the world. All of  our Governesses are well experienced, fluent in English, highly competent, passionate, charming, and warm. We only recruit the very best for our clients.

Duties of a Governess

  • Tutoring English along with other school subjects such as maths, history, science, art, geography.... depending on the needs of the position.
  • Focussing on the child’s social, educational and creative development.
  • Organising activities, outings and games
  • Liaising with other tutors and/or school teachers, nannies & parents regarding development as required
  • Teaching musical instruments and other languages if the Governess is bilingual
  • Teaching manners, etiquette, and social formality.   
  • Working alongside a Nanny or mothers help